The Lindt Cafe, Chadstone

After a particularly gruelling day at work, the thought of the gym was just not doing it for me. And so, I thought, why not go to Chadstone? It is on the way home (technically) and I invented some excuse for things I needed to look at. THEN I convinced myself that I was still walking around, therefore = just as good as the gym!

Chadstone has recently opened their new section, officially once again, making them the biggest shopping centre in the Southern whatever blah blah blah. But really… the new section is just the same shops that were in there before. Except now Portmans is trying to be all cool and funky like Sportsgirl, and it has failed. I went in there wondering if their jumpers were on sale (great for work) and was harassed by the 4 stick thin bimbos all offering to help me! I left rather quickly. As I reached the end of the new shops, I looked down to the level below… could it be? It was! The elusive Lindt Cafe!

I took the opportunity to head over to the ATM and calm myself down – I certainly couldn’t splurge and go nuts now that I had skipped the gym – but the place was practically empty, I couldnt pass up the chance to at least TRY something!

So I hopped into the line, picked up a few lindt balls for myself and a friend, and eyed the macaroons – or delices as they call them. I told myself Ill have this this this and this… but as I waited (the service was excruciatingly slow!) I calmed myself again and settled on just the two macaroons – hazelnut and pistachio.

Picture 003

I waited until I got home, and had eaten my healthy fish dinner, before I sullied my good work with these.

As you can see from the picture, they certainly arent the prettiest looking macaroons and they have lots of little crumbs all over them, but they taste the part!

I chopped them in half so I could share the goodness with the boy, but after his halves sat there untouched for ages, I pretty much ate them too (he did have a bite??of the hazelnut though. I think he was just sceptical of them having never had one before).

Flavourwise, hazelnut kicked pistachios ass. The pistachio flavour was weak -but both had that great macaroon crunch and chewiness.

Now that I know theres a Lindt cafe so close to home, this could get dangerous. I had to stop myself making a trip there again last night… but the bright spark is we are moving well away from these evil temptors!

I cant wait to go back and sample some of the cakes!


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