Neopolitan dreams

Picture 041

I have named these after a song my Lisa Miller called Neopolitan Dreams, because it keeps getting stuck in my head! The song is as sweet as these cupcakes are!

They are quite simple – bake a chocolate cupcake mixture of your choosing, then fill with a strawberry jam mixture (I used 1 cup strawberry jam, with??1 cup of icing and set it in the fridge for an hour or so) and cover with vanilla buttercream icing!

To get the pink swirl through your icing, draw a line of icing up the side of your piping bag and stuff the plain icing in there on top of it… it will come out nice and streaked!

Picture 043??Covered with a strawberry and dressed up for my dad as a little fathers day gift!

Picture 046

I forgot to get an inside jam shot, but they were quite yummy.

Although next time, I think I would do a vanilla cake, stuffed with chocolate ganache and topped with strawberry icing – as the chocolate can be a bit overpowering.


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