The cupcake bakery – review

I got very excited the other day having learnt that there was a new cupcakery in town – The Cupcake Bakery. They are a Sydney based store that recently opened 2 stores here in Melbourne. I visited the one in Melbourne Central.

Now I should say that I visited with my family at about 4pm on a Sunday – but there were still a lot of selections available. We each got a few to takeaway and enjoy after dinner.

First thing worth them investing in: take away options!

Picture 072(sorry for the sideways action)

That is literally a paper bag – and while cute – it doesnt make getting your cupcakes home unscatched very easy! A box would definately help. And its not like you can really eat in either – there are no tables just a store front and from memory a few stools.

I ordered a Sticky Date and Choc Mint flavours and choc mintlooked quite pretty:

Picture 073

Although the sticky date look left a little to be desired – although sticky date in its nature isnt pretty.

And now to the cupcake breakdown

Choc Mint
SO dry! I am never one to really knock a cupcake but this was really dry, and just crumbled away. It also wasnt very chocolatey in its flavour. The mint however, was overpowering, like someone had gone a little nuts with the essence. I like a nice balance between the mint and the chocolate, and without any real chocolate flavour there it was more like a breath mint.

Sticky date
This was a lot more moist, but the date on the top was rock hard! I had nicely given it to my boyfriend, and the first thing he asked was “is there something I’m not meant to eat on there?” and then “that nearly broke my teeth!”

Flavour wise, it was moist and had a hint of the date, but didnt have any of that sticky gooey taste I usually associate with a sticky date pudding. The icing was more of a glaze, and had pretty much the exact same flavour as the cake… I dont know. I guess it was OK but just average. It would have greatly benefitted from a golden syrup type swirl or something in that icing.

on the whole, dissapointing cupcakes and my recommendation would be – if you are jonesing for a cupcake in the city – head to Little Cupcakes on Degraves St. I find them a lot more satisfying (and with the mini options you can try a bunch of flavours!)


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