I’ve been working with a nutritionist for a few weeks now, trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with me! And having done his silly gluten and lactose free diet for so long, I was ready to give it up. I knew I wasnt allergic to gluten!

And the test results showed that I wasnt. But they showed that I was severely allergic to cows milk. As in, he sees maybe 3 people a year with that kind of reaction.

My mind flashed to all the things I now wouldnt be able to eat: ice cream, chocolate, cheese, CHOCOLATE! All of my favourite things and I was now going to have to give them up.

Sure, you can find a substitute for just about everything these days, but it just doesnt taste the same. How do you mac and cheese without the cheese? But you know what, I can live without it. If it stops the pains I have, I can live without anything.

The most interesting thing I discovered though, is that wine has lactose in it! Apparently it happens in the fermenting process and most people never realise this – in fact, he wasnt aware of it until recently. So there you go. It may be why I get such a horrible hangover when I drink wine, and why I am such a bad drunk on it too!

So from now on, will be looking for lactose free recipes! Finding more creative ways to use goats cheese, and hoping like hell this works and isnt yet another dead end!


One response to “Allergies

  1. I did not know that about wine. I must tell my friend that!… she is a vegetarian who is lactose and wheat intolerant… goodness knows what she eats! 😛

    Glad you worked out what was wrong with you though. Will try to track down some recipes in my travels for you!

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