Tutto Bene, Southbank

tutto bene

For our 2 year anniversary we had wanted to go somewhere lovely and have fun – but it just wasnt in our budget (Press Club, maybe next time!) so I spent more hours than I care to admit searching high and low for a restaurant. Somehow, I settled on Tutto Bene. It had decent reviews, was well priced and there were things on the menu I would actually eat.

First impressions were that the drinks menu was so overpriced. Bad glass of white wine for minimum of $10 a glass (I don’t mind paying if its a good brand!) but nevertheless, I ordered myself a Bellini instead.

We didnt order starters as I wanted dessert, so for mains I had “Cacciucco” style risotto with bugs, sun dried tomatoes – it was OK. I must admit, I had a sinus infection, so I could only really taste the sun dried tomatoes in this dish. Ben ordered the risotto with aged Parmigiano Reggiano, topped with braised pork, fennel and chilli sausage, and French morel mushrooms. He liked it, although there seemed to be a lot of excess liquid which at first we thought was normal, but when someone on the next table ordered the same thing it wasnt liquidy. We both thought it was alright risotto, but certainly didnt live up to the hype. Ben earnt extra points for saying “I like the ones you cook better” good boy!

For dessert I had Slow baked dark chocolate fondant cake with raspberry puree, crispy wafer pieces and double cream which was delicious! I could certainly taste this! It was only a very small serving, but it was just right! Ben ordered a selection of their gelati and they gave him banana, lemon and cookies and cream. The parts I tried were soooo good. The best news of this is that you can order their gelati to takeaway without visiting the restaurant.

All up it cost us $120 so it was well within the budget and quite an enjoyable night out. The only gripe we really had was the bathrooms – they are right by the kitchen so you have to dodge the waiters (who dont move to the side for customers) getting plates from the kitchen – or you know, having a chat.

Not sure if I would visit again, but if I was allowed dairy again I would be going back for that gelati!


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