Julie and Julia


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win free tickets to see Julie and Julia courtesy of Tomatom and a giveaway on his blog. I was soooo excited – I never win anything! So I arranged a movie date with my friend Erin and finally we got around to seeing it on Sunday.

I had been given the book to read by Bens dad many months ago and it took me a while to really get into it, but I persued and I ended up liking it. I was therefore very curious as to how they would adapt a blog into a book and then into a movie.

I must say, this isnt my usual style of movie. Light-hearted chick flicks are something I tend to avoid like the plague, but, I am obsessed with food and this movie spoke to that. Instead of concentrating on the story line I was drooling over the food and agreeing with the characters over their love of butter! Is there anything better than butter.

At first I thought “geez, Meryl’s really over acting it in this one. And what’s with the funny accent!” Then I realised, thats exactly how Julia Childs was. So good work Meryl, as grating as it was at times!

The one thing I really get out of this movie is the fantasy to emulate what Julie did – cook my way through an entire cookbook. It may have seemed like such a silly thing to so many people when she was doing this, but if you think about your cookbooks, how many things in there would you actually cook, let alone willingly eat? I know I could never do it, as I simply don’t cook seafood and don’t like to eat it, so all those fish chapters always get skipped by me!

So while I didn’t think the movie was that great, I did feel it was fun to watch some food porn on the screen.










2 responses to “Julie and Julia

  1. Mmm it really was food porn, wasn’t it? I had crazy dreams about french men trying to force feed me for days after…

    Also, am impressed that I made it to your blog, so yay 🙂

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