Chocolate caramel cupcakes revisited

Remember these? Well, I got to make them again this last Saturday. Except, the difference between now and then is that I am no longer able to eat anything dairy – so this was pure torture! Imagine not being able to lick the bowl after mixing up a delicious cake! Absolute torture!

These were for a friends birthday, who requested the very smart addition of Mars Bar to the top of the cupcakes. I think it works!

Also, piping skills are on the improve!

Picture 262

It was almost a shame to put mars bar on top! (Almost!)

Picture 265

And here they are all lined up.

Picture 267

The recipe was the same as last time, except I made chocolate buttercream icing by melting 100 grams dark chocolate with a tablespoon of butter and cocoa then pouring icing sugar on the lot. I have no idea about how much icing sugar I used, I just kept pouring until I got the consistency I wanted.

From what I can tell, these were even richer than the last lot and that was something nobody was complaining about at all!


One response to “Chocolate caramel cupcakes revisited

  1. oh my… they look fan-freaking-tastic!!!

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