Spot + Nosh, Heathmont

Sunday breakfast (after 12!) used to be our thing, but since moving out to the burbs we have really struggled to find places to eat. We will drive and drive all around the Dandenongs before settling on a place on the other side of the mountain. It really is a different lifestyle out here – before we would just mosey up high st, or bourke rd and wala, cafe. Around here though… you have to know where you are going before you head off or you simply wont get fed!

A few weeks ago I noticed a new cafe open near my work – Spot + Nosh. It wasnt like the typical cafes around here (most of them are just bakeries with some sandwich fixings) because it was styled like an inner city cafe. With its fancy sign and interior design, it stuck out like a sore thumb!

This Sunday, we got the chance to give it a go.

Firstly, I must say to those of you who review restaurants quite frequently – I am in awe of the fact you can take photos and not feel subconscious about it! It took me a few minutes to work up the courage (Ben going “why are you taking photos again?” didnt help either!) but when I did – I got one photo so people didnt see what I was doing! Here it is:

I ordered the vego  breakfast – $13 – and I thought it was perfectly sized, because I left full but without the “ugh” feeling I usually give myself when I eat out! It had two perfect looking poached eggs (they must have had some kind of gadget to get them that way!) a wedge of avocado, home made baked beans (which needed a bit more extra kick), spinach, mushrooms and fried cherry tomatoes (I thought this was a nice change from the regular sized tomato). There was also a potato rosti on there, but mine was cold (Ben says his wasnt) and it was more mushy than crunchy.

That said, they were very understanding of my diet issues and made a big effort to ensure there was no dairy in the meal (unlike the London Tavern in Port Melbourne who had dairy in my meal on Friday and had me sick most of the weekend!) but, there are quite a few teething issues surrounding this place. The service was extremely slow (but friendly – they apologised profusely) and a bit confused as they told us to go to the counter to order, but then came and took our orders anyway, and they had run out of apple juice.

The place wasnt crowded, so perhaps as it gets busier and the owners get more experience, it may become quite a nice place for a Sunday breakfast. The menu has mainly foccacias for lunch, although the specials board has burgers, salads and pot pies, and for kids they even have fairy bread (I was sooo tempted!)

We might go back in a few weeks just to try it out again and see if things are improving!

Location: Heathmont Shops, Heathmont (Roughly around 110 Canterbury Rd Heathmont VIC 3135) and Sorry, no number, they dont have a yellowpages listing as yet!


16 responses to “Spot + Nosh, Heathmont

  1. Looks delicious! Hehe the feeling of embarrassment passes believe me! 😛

  2. The chick who owns spot + nosh

    Hi! Thanks for popping in on Sunday. Yes we do totally have teething problems and there are no excuses! (spending far too much time on renovating and not getting my bum into gear on other things). We normally arnt so slow, but i wasnt sure i hadnt put butter in your mushies the first time so cooked everythign again!). I moved out here a while back (after living in port melb and yarraville for 7 years!) and struggled with the no late brekkie thing too! So decided to open my own. This is only our 4th week and we hope to get better. I hope to see you guys again!

    • Its a great spot and we will certainly be back at some stage! Thanks very much for looking after me on the no dairy thing! So many places think “whatever” about the dairy thing, not realising how sick it can make someone! Good luck with everything and I hope people in the area start to flock!

  3. Spot and Nosh in Heathmont – I’ve heard it’s pretty good but unfortunately for me, on the two occasions I’ve tried to eat there, it’s been closed. Most recently was this morning – Australia Day.

    I would have thought if you were to open a new cafe, you would open on a public holiday of all days – crazy!

    Thank goodness Barclay’s was open just down the road. They were flat out, forcing people to wait for tables. Food and service there was great – won’t bother with Spot and Nosh again.

  4. The chick who owns spot + nosh

    That’s a shame Mick. We’re sorry we wont see you in here.

  5. The potato rosti seems to be a recurring struggle, but aside from that love it all! And service was much better than Barclays… much as I enjoy Barclay’s, it’s always pretty impersonal and slow. Love the creative touches at Spot+Nosh – fish & chips in real newspaper, groovy salt & pepper grinders, etc…

  6. I have tried all the cafes along the Heathmont strip and found Spot and Nosh to be theonly one that would really look after you. Barclay’s is so impersonal.

    Having worked in Sales – S & N has quite a good atmosphere although they are still learning. Thats part of their charm as well.

    One of my favourite spots.

  7. Bit rough from Mick I reckon!

    Looking forward to popping down to Spot and Nosh for a coffee and meal when I get the chance. Not enough quality coffee out Heathmont way, so looking forward to seeing what Spot and Nosh can serve up.

  8. I just had lunch and coffee here with my best friend- and it was wonderful! We had the pumpkin pizzetta and the sweet potato rosti with chunky chips on the side. The potato rosti was quite soggy but apart from that it was wonderful! Good serving sizes and delicious food! Table service would make it even better 🙂 all in all a fab place for a tasty meal and a catch up and I’ll definitely be coming back! Kudos for the wifi too!

  9. That potato rosti keeps rearing it’s head… really hoping “The chick who owns spot + nosh” is taking note of these comments. All in all, I love the café, but there’s just a couple of minor things just take the gloss off it a little – the rosti is one, and unfortunately the coffee was atypically bad last weekend.
    My humble suggestion would be that the person making the coffees needs to be *passionate* about coffee, and would make one each morning to test it all – the young fellow on Saturday was very open to feedback, but demonstrated no passion for his coffee. I think it may have been something as simple as a bad batch of coffee, or maybe the machine needed to be flushed out, but a simple thing like this can really detract from what is otherwise a great experience – and at quiet times during the week, I love visiting there with my Macbook Pro and getting a bit of work done courtesy of the wi-fi…
    Keep up the great work guys, Spot+Nosh should with time become quite a landmark establishment of Heathmont.

  10. The chick who owns spot + nosh

    Hi Guys,

    Yep, I’m taking note. Thanks for your feedback. Phil, this particular ‘rosti’ dish is a main, with vegetables and haloumi, and a little different to the ones we used to do and couldn’t get right (which we eventually canned). I only put it up on Wednesday and so far so good.

    I’ll speak to the young lad about the coffee, I think you are right. We backflush the machine religiously, I’m a bit of a dictator about it. Generally he is very consistent and I’m hoping the beans were okay (given they are organic they can differ at times). Can you give me an idea of how it was bad so we can look into why? (bitter, too hot, no velvet in the milk texture?).

    Keep the feedback coming, it’s the only way we will become that ‘landmark establishment’.

    We hope to see you soon.

    • Hiya! The problem with the coffee last weekend was two-fold:
      First time around it was really weak (sorry to say, but a bit like dishwater) and had a funny edge to the flavour, a bit like burnt milk crossed with burnt rubber.
      Second time around he did a double-shot and it brought it up to an acceptable strength (but still nowhere near what I’d expect for a double shot) but it wasn’t much better in the ‘burnt’ department. I’m a bit of a caffeine fiend so I drank it anyway, but my partner (who’s a little less addicted) didn’t finish hers…

  11. We enjoyed an extended afmily breakfast two weeks ago. The staff were very relaxed and willing to accommodate me request for my children’s meals and all the food was exactly as we asked. Even the 4 styles of eggs with toast! This was a sceond visit for me and my husband. The service was much faster – well done. Unfortunately my husband agreed with Phillip’s comments about the coffee. He though the milk had been scalded. Don’t worry though, we will be back!

  12. Richard Southwick

    I have been dropping down to Spot + Nosh nearly every second Saturday for about 6 months now and i would like to say very well done. The food is always out within a reasonable time frame (i don’t mind waiting a bit longer when it’s busy) and the coffee is always superb and i never have to wait long at all. It is unfortunate to hear about your experience Phillip, I’m sure that it was unique because my coffee always seems to be rich in flavor and beautifully textured.

    I really do enjoy the relaxed ambiance that is created through the music and the very easygoing and accommodating staff. They are always willing to provide me with anything to suit my fussy eating and coffee drinking habits. It always gives me a great start to the day to see such delightful young people serving me with a personal touch that is simply not comparable to any other cafe that I’ve been too.

  13. All I can say is. Thank the good lord for a nice, neat, modern cafe in Heathmont. We’re a young family that live in Heathmont and agree that this place stood out like a sore thumb, for all the right reasons. Don’t get me wrong, I love that our local strip of shops is very eclectic. However it’s nice not to have to think, let’s go for a drive somewhere to have brekky or lunch out – and instead walk the prams down. I love that they are family friendly, plenty of room for prams and they’re prepared with a few toys and the perfect couch area. My girls are also BIG Fans of their Fairy Bread special. I love that they always have a great array of good magazines and papers out.

  14. OK folks, I’m about to go for brunch with my fiance. Will give feedback when I return in the next few hours.

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