Greek week – part 2

To go alongside the salad served at our Greek feast, was skewers of meat! The lamb ones were red wine and garlic marinated and the chicken ones were garlic, lemon, olive oil, thyme and basil marinated. I didn’t really follow a recipe for these, just marinated them for a few hours, then fried up. The lamb in particular turned out nice and juicy (a good thing because normally when I cook lamb it is all chewy!)

Greek Week
Part 1: Chickpea and feta salad


7 responses to “Greek week – part 2

  1. Woah, you have already done 2 Greek things?!

    Well done. I’m hosting a BBQ this weekend, maybe I can get away with a Greek dish or two 😉

  2. Ooh I love the idea of Greek week and those skewers look so tender and juicy! 😀

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  5. I’m not a big fan of lamb, and lamb skewers especially can often turn out chewy so it is good to hear yours were juicy! They certainly look it!

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  7. Yum! They look so delicious and I love your platter. Such a gorgeous green!

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