Cookbook Challenge – Greek Week – Part 4

My first thoughts of Greek Week were a total struggle – none of my Cookbooks have any greek recipes in them, Ben hates Greek food for some reason, and so really, what was I going to do?

Thankfully a well timed dinner party put an answer to that, and the Taste website came through with some non-traditional Greek foods for me to try.

And here is my final installment for Greek Week – Souvlakis! That was Bens only request for Greek Week – “Can’t we just have souvlakis?”

So, sure we can!

I tried really hard to find a recipe in my cookbooks… the closest I got was Stephanie Alexanders Cooks Companion.

The recipe is simply:

Souvlaki, more or less

 Serve seared, with a sprinkle of sumac  on a grilled potato flatbread with Baba Ghanoush, Tabbouleh, and Lois’s Roasted Red Pepper dish.

So yeah… that didn’t help me much. I turned again to the taste website and decided that my souvlakis should have lebanese cucumbers in them, tomato, and then I made a hodge podge tabbouleh mixture – simply parsley, lemon and garlic, add some onions, a garlic mayo sauce and I was done. I coated the chicken in a Greek seasoning mixture I found in the spice aisle (and what a handy thing that was! Very authentic tasting!) and wrapped them all up in some wholemeal tortillas.

Not the most traditional of souvlakis, and it certainly didnt photograph well. But here I am, at the end of Greek week – with 4 very good recipes.

Now if only I can entice my Baklava making friend to share her recipe! mmmm!

Greek Week
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Part 2: Marinated meats
Part 3: Greek Feta and Vegetable pie


10 responses to “Cookbook Challenge – Greek Week – Part 4

  1. I really should look again in my Cook’s companion. She really does have a bit of everything in there! 🙂

    • I love reading through the Cooks Companion but it is one of the few cookbooks I do not use regularly. I think it is the lack of pictures – I am a visual person so I struggle to know if I am doing it right without a final product pic! But that is one of the reasons I joined the challenge in the first place – so I can force myself to use the cookbook!

  2. This looks like a fab souvlaki. The Cooks Companion is a real treasure.

  3. Wow, you really rocked this weeks challenge with 4 recipes! They all look like delicious recipes you can use again in the future!

  4. mmmmmm nothing beats a souva!

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  6. Well done Sarah! 4 recipes in a week…I wish I was as organised as you!!

  7. I can’t believe you managed four posts! Well done. 🙂

  8. I’m loving commenting on your blog, my fellow Word Presser! Blogger is a pain. Haha sorry, I am meant to talk about the food, arent I?

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