My sugar wall

So you see that plain blank wall behind my dining table? I had big plans for that space when we first moved in! I wanted a wall of prints that would show off my love of cooking!

Etsy scouring occured and I got lucky when Jennys Bake Shop got a bit behind with their orders. To rectify the situation, they threw in 2 similar, but smaller prints as a way of apology. Apology accepted as it meant I could fill up my wall quicker, and cheaper!

Another print from BluLima joined these, and I was so excited when I opened this one. It still makes me happy whenever I see it.

I rounded off my artwork collection with a temporary solution (until I get another kitchen inspired print. Am in no rush as I want the perfect print!) of a wall sticker framed up.

And here is the result:

My sugar wall! I know it isnt perfect but still, it makes me happy when I see it and even more importantly, Ben likes it too!


2 responses to “My sugar wall

  1. OH they’re gorgeous! I especially like the Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake one lol

  2. Hehee, I love the Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake poster too. So cute!

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