Cookbook challenge: week 7 – soft

Welcome to soft week. A week I was a little stuck on what to do! Like many, I was a little turned off making a dessert because following Christmas, I just couldnt stomach any more! I was initially going to make an egg dish, but breakfast times quickly ran out and now I am back at work, so I decided to just bite the bullet and do something I always wanted to do: make sorbet.

Ok I lie a little with that statement. I always wanted to make my own ice cream and hint wildly at anyone who would listen about how I would LOVE an ice cream maker. I nearly got one too, but with my birthday in winter the boy couldn’t find one in stock! Now, given my dairy allergy, he decided it wouldnt be wise to tempt me so! Fair call too, because I would probably make it “just to see” and end up with a horrible stomach ache!

So, sorbet was the next best step.

Theme: Soft
Cookbook: AWW How to Cook everything

Raspberry sorbet

1 cup (250ml) water
1 cup (250ml) water
600 g frozen raspberries
1 tablespoon lemon juice
2 egg whites 

  1. Stir the water and sugar in a small saucepan over heat, without boiling, until sugar has dissolved. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, simmer uncovered for 5 minutes without stirring.
  2. Blend or process raspberries, juice and hot sugar mixture until smooth.
  3. Push mixture through a sieve into a lamington pan. Discard seeds, cover with foil and freeze until firm.
  4. Chop frozen berry mixture coarsely. Blend or process with egg whites until smooth and paler in colour. Return mixture to pan. Cover and freeze until firm.

Check out that berry colour! And don’t mind the bubbles, it was pre-egg whiting!

The result – well I must disclose that I don’t actually own a sieve. I have a teeny tiny little one that after 2 minutes I gave up because it just wasnt doing it. So this sorbet has quite a few seeds in it, which the boy didn’t mind, but I am not a huge fan of. It was also quite icy, but after a minute settles down to a regular sorbet consistency.

It is a nice alternative to store bought, but it certainly didn’t blow my mind like I hoped a home made version would. However, didn’t stop me eating it! It also makes a good amount – enough so you have a few serves (or can use it as a dinner party as an impressive, “I made it myself” moment but not enough so that it hangs around in your freezer for months!


6 responses to “Cookbook challenge: week 7 – soft

  1. Oh no, this week is “sweet”! Hopefully you have your dessert mojo back. 🙂

    Lovely colour in the sorbet. I made a mango sorbet recently out of an AWW book, and found it rather sweet. Was the sweetness level of your sorbet okay?

    • I know! Im trying to psych myself up for sweet followed by berry! I am sure I will think of something!

      I did find this quite sweet, but I guess that could be combatted with a touch more lemon juice? I am the kind of crazy person that struggles to eat berries though unless they are sweet, so this recipe was quite good for me. I can’t imagine that overly sweet mango sorbet would taste great though!

  2. What a wonderful red colour! I’m going to have to try making this! I have never tried making sorbet before and raspberry sounds like the perfect flavour!

  3. Ooh you can so tell how berry licious that would be! Gorgeous stuff 😀

  4. Good work – perfect for summer – great colour

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