Cookbook challenge – Japanese

Soo… yeah…. no recipe for me this week. I am still hopeful I can catch up sometime this week or early next week, but I have more to combat than just the time factor. The boy does not like japanese food! I know! I cant believe it either… It is amongst my top cuisines, yet he purely associates it with sushi and refuses to believe that me taking him for Japanese food will not involve raw fish. Sure, he has eaten things like teriyaki and noodles and even gyoza without realising it is japanese, but when I told him I was going to make japanese pancakes for dinner, he was not impressed. So… thats as far as I got. I do fully intend to force this cuisine on him at some stage. Hopefully soon.

(He also refuses to go eat Lebanese food… why I do not know. He doesnt realise he could have a souvlaki! and the hummus!) crazy boy.


6 responses to “Cookbook challenge – Japanese

  1. Ah men!!
    I convinced my boy last week sushi was delicious. He has a theory; if I make it, it will be good.

    I hope I don’t let him down!!

  2. Hehe you know it’s funny Mr NQN thought that he didn’t like sushi until he saw me eating it and then became curious about it. Now he’s addicted to it!

  3. Your boy is crazy!!! (Then again as per the above trend, my boy hasn’t been too excited about some things I cook and then eats and loves it.)

    I’ve got him hooked on sushi, and he’s convinced me of the wonders of lebansese food. We ate our weight in raw fish in Vancouver these last few weeks.

    I admit I always thought lebanese food was just souvlaki and kebabs etc. and was never excited about it. After dinner plans fell through one night, the boy and I happened across the BEST lebanese restaurant we’ve EVER eaten at. And everyone we’ve taken back with us agrees. They have the traditional souvlakis and stuff that are out-of-this world, but also more unique and traditional dishes that are unbelievable.

    • hehe I agree – the boy is crazy! I really love lebanese food – and I know he will too! just like he will eventually love japanese food too! And nothing beats fresh, homemade turkish delight! yum

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