Vanilla custard cupcakes with passionfruit icing

I have long been putting custard powder into my muffin mixes, but this is the first time I have used it in my cupcake mix. I made a plain vanilla cupcake recipe and added about a half a cup of custard powder to the mix. This gives it a creamier taste, but only makes it slightly custardy.

I then topped them with a vanilla buttercream icing, mixed with a few tablespoons of passionfruit. Then I drizzled passionfruit over the top.

The extra sweetness from the custard powder cuts through the tart passionfruit and brings a really nice balance to the flavours. I am not the hugest passionfruit fan and I loved these!


2 responses to “Vanilla custard cupcakes with passionfruit icing

  1. You are the queen of yummy cupcakes, I have no excuse to make the same boring flavour for the kids any more. I love custard cookies and passionfruit so I am sure these will be a winner.

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