Hunter Valley visit

I spent last weekend up in the Hunter Valley (Cessnock to be specific) with my family. My mum’s side of the family live up there, so a visit there isn’t really a touristy type trip, its just dinner at the pub, videos with our cousins and hanging around. This time though, we decided to get a bit touristy and do the wineries and all that.

Above is the Hanging Tree winery – a GORGEOUS place. It had a lot more character than any of the other wineries we went to (McGuigans… looking at you!) They only have a cellar door but they have some great gardens to wander around in.



Oh and

But I digress. The wine at the Hanging Tree is alright… we bought a few bottles and drank them over the course of the weekend. But I definitely prefer my NZ Savs to their Semillions.

I would comment on the food, except well apart from not getting any photos, nothing we ate was overly spectacular. My food allergy was met with quite a bit of disdain… at Harrigans Irish pub (we visited for my Auntys birthday) we had to line up for 20 minutes to find out what I could eat only to be told that my first choice wasnt dairy free…. “well can you suggest something?” (rolling of eyes) “How about steak?” “Uhh no… anything else?” (more rolling of eyes) “I guess you could eat the fish.” That wasnt the worst of it though… Of my 5 lunches and dinners out, 2 of them had dairy (I only found out later when I was in pain).

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom – The Smelly Cheese Shop in Pokolbin had dairy free sorbets! I had mango one day, liked it so much that I made my parents take me back the next day for strawberry! It was good to be able to eat a sweet that I like and while I would have killed for the cookies and creme flavour to be dairy free, even being able to have strawberry and mango was a huge treat.

We spent half a day in Newcastle. Now given the fact that I spent much of my summers up in this NSW region, I must say that I am not the hugest fan of Newcastle. Neither is my sister, as we documented this fun little trip through the town:

The world's more depressing park bench

For all our love of giving crap to Newcastle, we did have fun catching up with the family and drinking and eating out with them. I also had a great meal at the Bogie Hole Cafe in Newcastle.

Though, when it is all said and done, I would prefer a day in Vic’s Yarra Valley to NSWs Hunter – our food (and wine!) is a whole step above!


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