Cookbook Challenge – Week 22 – Red

I had GRAND plans for Red week – it was going to be Red Velvet Cake because I have never tried one before and a lot of Americans seemed to be obsessed. But, as the boy rightly pointed out, we had no use for a cake. There were no social plans that a cake could be trotted out for, and without that, well, it would just be us at home trying to finish a cake off.

So the red velvet was abandoned and a last minute compromise was made: Thai Red Curry Beef Skewers.

They were super simple to make, had quite a bit of flavour to them but weren’t overly filling. I don’t know if I would bother making them again as I really am not a huge fan of beef and I struggle to cook with it (I get overly paranoid and end up spending the cooking time twiling the skewers around to make sure it is thoroughly cooked through.)

There wasnt an awful lot to this recipe – it came from the BBQ Ideas page and I served it up with some brown rice and garlic steamed buk choy.

Thai Red Curry Beef Skewers
Cookbook: AWW How to Cook Everything

Thread 500g diced beef and cherry tomatoes onto skewers with one lime wedge (omitted, I am not a huge lime fan and I felt this had plenty of lime already!)

Combine 2 tablespoons red curry paste, 1 tablespoon brown sugar and 1 tablespoon lime juice; brush over skewers, grill until cooked.

Next up: Leaf Week AKA I have NOOOOOO idea what to make. Followed by Chocolate week AKA I have too many ideas of what to make!


7 responses to “Cookbook Challenge – Week 22 – Red

  1. They do look rather good! Interesting about beef and cooking it through-do you have steak well done? I’m a medium rare fiend 🙂

    • I’m actually not a huge steak person – I had braces for four (!!) years so anything that was tough or chewy tended to be avoided. That and when my dad took over cooking when we were about 7 he had 2 dishes: rissoles and beef stew, so I really struggle with red meat to this day! But if I do eat steak (very rare) it does tend to be on the well done side.

  2. I think we should have swapped boys this week. Hamsley wanted red velvet cake but I couldn’t find a recipe that I hadn’t already tried!

    I hope you can make it some day soon though!

    I’d love to try this recipe though!

  3. WHAT? No use for a cake?! There’s ALWAYS use for a cake! Hehee. 😉 I normally take left over baked goods into work, where it gets polished off very quickly!

    The skewers look good – very simple recipe!

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