Inspired by Masterchef

The other night we were watching Masterchef, and the boy was practically salivating over the schnitzel challenge. I pretty much snuffed at him over the simplicity of making a good schnitzel and he said “Yeah well you never make them!” And I realised, that is true! We used to eat them all the time but since I had to cut dairy out we stopped buying the premade ones from the supermarket because they all contain dairy and it hasnt occured to me for at least 2 years to crumb my own.

So I promised the boy I would and I finally came good on my promise.

I do get a little caught up sometimes in trying to find new and exciting things to make and eat that I forget the good ol classics! This is the kind of stuff we were both raised on and while my testing out new recipes is great, I often forget to go back and make things that we both really liked. I will try and have to remember just how much the boy likes his schnitzel and add it to the rotation much more often!

I combined  some rosemary, chives, cashews, salt and pepper and wholegrain bread to get my crumb and it was a good combination – the cashews gave it just that extra amount of crunch.


2 responses to “Inspired by Masterchef

  1. This is funny because I made schnitzel last week too. Totally Masterchef inspired! But we skipped the chips and salad and had something else instead.

    The boy wanted me to make that insane Peanut Caramel Parfait dessert thingo that was the basis of the silly outrage over re-plating. I told him if he bought me all of the ingredients and equipment I’d give it a shot. Needless to say, he has yet to do so. 🙂

    • ooh I know the dessert you mean – I was practically drooling when I saw that! Even if it all goes horribly wrong, you can still lick the bowl! I have yet to give any of the crazy masterchef dessert recipes a try – one of these days!

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