Bula! Eating in Fiji

Hi there, I have returned from a relaxing 8 nights in Fiji. And although I am shivering here in Melbourne, I must say, I am happy to be home!

Food wise, I was actually surprised – and not in a good way – about the food over there. The resort (which we stayed at for a wedding) served up pretty bland, westernised food. The first night, we ate a BBQ, which was a piece of chicken, some salad, veggies. The second, we dined at The Steakhouse at the Westin in Denarau – fantastic! Possibly the better of the meals we ate there, but of course, it was something I can get at home.

We went on a sunset cruise that promised up Fijian food – and I got this:

A big scary fish with eyes and teeth! It had a ginger sauce and was pretty hard to eat…

The last night at Denarau, we ate at a traditional Fijian restaurant, Nadina. Finally, we were able to try a bit of the local cuisine (although they still serve fish and chips and steak for the unadventurous!)

I had a chicken cooked in coconut, wrapped in banana leaf that was really yummy.

Everything on that plate was yummy – although the chicken was a bit dry as was the taro. Something to note about eating in Fiji – the majority of things you eat and in particular meats, are imported, so they just aren’t as fresh as you would get here. We really are spoilt in Australia.

The boy had the chicken Lovo which was cooked underground.

While the chicken was nice (it was just chicken) the winner on that plate is hidden – a spinach dish that was to DIE for.

After the Westin, we checked out and headed off to Castaway Island – a very pretty place about 2 hours away.

Eating and drinking in Fiji is expensive – and certainly even more so on the islands! The food on the island was substantially better – although still western. They had wood fire pizza and the dinner menu had a mixture of asian and italian foods. These had a bit more flavour and were yummy, although we were still keen to try a bit more of the local food.

Thankfully, our trip was timed well with the once a week Fijian night. They served up a buffet of dishes – most of it cooked Lovo style underground. Throughout the day we watched the smoking and cooking going on and were eager to try the results!

There were a mixture of curries and meats and again this strange spinach dish that is just delicious. I am kicking myself now for not getting the recipe off someone! Fijian cuisine is not necessarily easy to google!

The majority of the food we ate was definately Western food – and a lot of it bland. Even with curries, they seem a bit afraid to put much spice in so that the tourists dont complain. But they are lovely people and everyone says hello to you when you walk around.

Having returned to a chilly Melbourne, I have made a spicy pumpkin soup one night and a massamun curry the next! I seem to really be craving spice!


7 responses to “Bula! Eating in Fiji

  1. Gosh, what a shame the food wasn’t terribly great. Hopefully you enjoyed the rest of your time in Fiji though!

    PS: could they have presented that fish in the first picture in a worse way?! It looks like someone just slapped it on a plate and threw some sauce at it!

    • We did enjoy Fiji apart from the food – lots of sun and sand! did some great snorkelling too!

      I just about died when I saw that fish – some people on the table (we had a table of 40) freaked out and sent it back because they couldnt look at it! I think if you are going to serve whole fish it should say it on the menu – some people just arent able to eat something that is looking at them!

  2. Welcome back! We were similarly underwhelmed by our meals in Fiji. We ate one the island (Mana Island) and the food was buffet and more buffet. The only highlight was the Fijian buffet where we tried lovo and other fijian food.

    • The boys sister and now husband went to Mana for their honeymoon and were very unimpressed with the food – they actually left the island on the earliest boat of the day they were leaving so they could eat lunch at the port instead of having the buffet again!

      The definate highlight for me was the fijian buffet – they have some tasty food!

  3. haha! I don’t blame them. The food was pretty bad there which is a shame considering it was an expensive resort to stay at 😦

  4. Hahaha, that is one big scary fish in one plate. Is that sweet and sour?

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