Cookbook Challenge – Week 32 – potato

With an Irish heritage, it is probably no surprise that I love potato in all its forms. One of my family’s favourite things to do is to visit the Potato man at South Melbourne market, buy different kinds of potatoes and have a roast with new varieties.

I also love potato pizzas… in fact, potato topped with rosemary can do no wrong in my book. So I present to you, my potato pizza!

Potato and Rosemary Pizza
Adapted from AWW How to Cook Everything

Sprinkle a pizza base with grated parmesan, top with thinly sliced, uncooked potato, chopped fresh rosemary, thinly sliced garlic and olive oil.

That is the very simple recipe for potato pizza that I adapted my version from.

Firstly, I used a tomato pizza base for the bottom of the pizza – because the boy tells me it isnt pizza without tomato. Then I arranged my sliced potato just so:

I topped it with some sliced proscuitto, rosemary, then sprinkled some feta over the top (also not a pizza without cheese)

It went into the oven for about 15 – 20 minutes and wala!


6 responses to “Cookbook Challenge – Week 32 – potato

  1. Oooh, yum! I love the combination of potato and rosemary, though have never tried it on pizza. Brilliant idea!

  2. Fantastic, love a good potato pizza too

  3. I love potato pizzas too! 😀 Great job slicing your potatoes so thinly! 😀

  4. Oooh pretty – good work placing your potatoes 😀

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