Cookbook challenge: Week 34 – Soup

I love soup. In winter we LIVE for soup. Even though the boy claims it doesnt fill him up enough, I am pretty sure the numerous bread rolls do help with that!

One challenge with soup though, is to ensure that there is a meat content in there SOMEWHERE. Usually, I will just sprinkle some cooked bacon over the top. This week though, the meat is blended right up in there with the soup.

I must confess, I have made a soup with chorizo in it before and it was extremely salty. Almost inedible! So I was hesitant to try it again, but the boy convinced me to give it another shot.

I am very glad he did – this had a mixture of heat from the chilli and a creaminess from the potatoes. It was delicious! I will definately be making this again.

On a side note – how hard is it to photograph soup!

Sweet potato and chorizo soup

 From Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food

2 carrots
2 sticks celery
2 medium onions
2 cloves garlic
800g sweet potato
200g chorizo sausage
Small bunch fresh parsley
Olive oil
1 heaped teaspoon curry powder
2 chicken or vegetable stock cubes
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
1 fresh red chilli 

To make your soup

Peel and roughly slice the carrots. Slice the celery. Peel and roughly chop the onions. Peel and slice the garlic. Peel and chop the sweet potato. Slice the chorizo. Finely chop the parsley leaves and stalks.

Put a large pan on high heat and add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Add all your chopped and sliced ingredients with the curry powder and mix together with a wooden spoon. Cook for 10 minutes, with the lid askew until the carrots have softened but are still holding their shape and the onion is lightly golden. Put the stock cubes in a jug and pour 1.8 litres of boiling water from the kettle. Stir until the stock cubes are dissolved then add to the vegetables. Give the soup a good stir and bring to the boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes, until the sweet potato is cooked through. 

To serve your soup

Season with salt and pepper. Using a hand blender or liquidiser, pulse the soup until smooth and scatter over a little finely chopped chilli.


6 responses to “Cookbook challenge: Week 34 – Soup

  1. I love soup with chorizo in it! But I admit I’ve never blended it.

    I made this sweet potato chorizo soup where the chorizo is pan fried and added after blending.

    And this non-blended soup.

    Both were fab.

    That being said, I only use low-sodium chicken broth to start, and don’t simmer the chorizo in the soup for a long time. We add it in at the end. Maybe that’s the difference?

    • Blended was actually really nice – it just had the flavour of the chorizo, and added a thickness to the soup.

      I love smitten kitchen recipes – will definately check that one out! Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. sounds like you have a great combination of flavours, the softness of the sweet potato and the spiciness of he chorizo….great job!

  3. Fantastic combination! We eat soup all through winter, hubby usually eats the best part of a loaf of bread with his so it definately fills him up!

  4. Hah – it’s fricken hard to photograph soup! And that sounds like a good soup – too bad I used up all my chorizo! Doh!

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