Another year older…

I have recently celebrated my birthday and tipped the scales from mid-20’s to my late 20’s. The older I am getting, the more pressure I feel to be more “grown up”. Somehow, despite owning a house, having a career and not getting rediculously drunk every weekend, I still don’t quite feel as if I have reached the stage of grown up. Maybe it is due to the fact that I squeel everytime I see a cupcake?

This has been an interesting birthday. I have been surrounded by a lot of love and well wishes and spoilt by some WONDERFUL presents.

Why yes, those are Babushka measuring cup dolls.

Oh… and I got this:

Sorry for the bad photo…. I will get around to doing a proper photoshoot later.

And that caused me to make these:

That is super strawberry cupcakes, with proper buttercream! It is amazing the difference a proper mixer makes… every single time I had attempted to make buttercream in the past, I couldnt get it to work because my hand mixer didnt have enough power. But this, well you just set it all going and 10 minutes later, the most delicious, creamy, smooth icing ever. No more icing sugar for me!

So… while I have had a great birthday it was also a bit of a devestating weekend. The boys mother has stage 2 breast cancer and begins her treatment this week. Naturally, the entire family is upset, scared, and wondering what will happen. But they have caught it early, and the survival rates are so high these days that I am sure it will all be OK.


One response to “Another year older…

  1. Happy birthday!! And look at that gorgeous shiny mixer – what a present. 🙂

    Best wishes for your bf’s mother. Fingers crossed that her treatments go well!

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