Review: Just Yummy

Since I was diagnosed with my cows milk allergy, I will admit it has been a bit of a struggle to eat out or to find products that replace ones I used to eat. (A bring a plate morning tea is my worst nightmare!)

My Naturopath actually gave me the card for Just Yummy way back when I was first diagnosed, given that they are not too far away from me and I had always intended to go… but, well, life happens. So this past weekend we stopped past and I ordered a sausage roll, a chicken and vegetable pie, a choc chip cookie and a brownie. I was like a kid in a candy store, knowing I can eat ANYTHING I want from their shelves.

They specialise in baking goods for people with allergies and I must say, the variety they offer is quite wide. They also offer a cake baking service which would be good for parents who dont know much about allergies for birthday parties.

But… upon tasting the goods, well… I was pretty dissapointed.

I will start with my sausage roll and pie. When I ordered them, the lady warned me to make sure to defrost them in the microwave first, because the more frozen they are when they go into the oven, the harder the pastry would become. So, I did just that. Then I put them in the oven for a short period of time… and well… the pastry was rock hard. I couldnt even get my fork through the sausage roll pastry! The filling was nice though.

The chicken pie filling was really tasty, but again, the pastry was hard and it was like eating cardboard, the parts I did eat. For the most part I just ate the filling and left the pastry for the bin.

I had such high hopes for the brownie. I love a baked treat, and I thought to myself, if this is any good then that bakery has got a regular Saturday visitor on their hands! But… well, unfortunately it was not meant to be. The chocolate flavour just wasnt there and the cocoa they used gave a real powdery texture to the brownie. It was also quite rich, so it took me 3 different tries to get through it.

That leaves us with the cookie. The first bite of this cookie made me feel like I would break my teeth! It was rock hard. Which wouldnt be that hard to tell, given all the cracks in the photo. Truth be told, I do like my cookies on the chewy side rather than crunchy, but still! Ow!

The cookie was in desperate need of vanilla, and a touch more sugar to give it a good flavour. This was just not up to scratch… I ended up eating around the cookie part and going for the chocolate bits.

All up, I am quite dissapointed. I had visions of filling my freezer with yummy pies and treats that I can eat for lunch without having to go to the effort of making it all myself, but I am just not willing to sacrifice on taste. It is a real shame as so many people out there do suffer from allergies, and the further away from the city you live, the harder it can be to find tasty food.

Unfortunately, I won’t be back.

Just Yummy


5 responses to “Review: Just Yummy

  1. How disappointing and frustrating, especially considering you wanted to like the offerings!

    A friend of mine with LI swears by soy cup cakes but I’ve never tried to make them – he’s sister made them for his bday (couldn’t find recipe tho…)

    There are loads of yummy LF foods out there just waiting for you to discover them- look forward to reading about your adventures!

    • Thanks Mel

      I often make cupcakes with soy milk and you really cant tell the difference at all – the only thing you need to do is use a touch extra soy than regular milk as they can get drier quicker.

  2. What a shame! The instructions to defrost in a microwave sound a little odd. Usually you’re not supposed to defrost at all before baking and microwaves are terrible for pastry 😦

  3. What a shame your experience wasnt great.. I have been going to Just yummy for years and love all their products even the pies and sausage rolls.. I defrost them first then give them some heat in the microwave then five min in the oven.. then just perfect..
    There range has expanded heaps over the years l love their Vienna loaf and rolls, donuts, danish, eclairs, yo yo’s and many other products..
    I guess not everyone is pleased with their food but its worth trying again.

    • Hi Sonja, whilst I appreciate that you want to protect the business you work for, as the manager of Just Yummy I think it is important that you do not mis-represent yourself or your business. My review was only one person’s opinion, and it was 3 years ago. I might get back there again one day, but there are so many other options available to me that I haven’t felt the need as yet.

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