Cookbook challenge: Week 36 – Comfort food

Never has there been a better week for some comfort food. It has been a confusing week of hospitals, doctors, and waiting around. We find out tomorrow just how bad the cancer is for the boys mum and from there we will do what we have to do. But I do feel like everything is going to be OK… we just need the doctor to tell us that now!

It was also the boys birthday yesterday, so I knew I would have to pull out one of his favourites. Lasagne! It has been so long since we last had lasagne… to be honest, I wasnt sure it would be nice once you take out all the gooey cheese. But hey… it was still good! I (of course) put a bit of mozzarella cheese on the boys slice!

This recipe was good… but I wouldn’t say it was the best I have ever tasted. I think the main issue is the bolognese sauce… I used the matching recipe but it was just a bit dry, so the result was the edges of the lasagne got dried out. I think in the future I would double the quantity of tomato sauce, the more liquid the better sometimes!

I made this the day before, so when we ate it Sunday night it had settled perfectly, no sloppy lasagne! Lasagne ALWAYS tastes better the next day. I havent included the bolognese recipe… it is just a standard one, so use your favourite.

Lasagne (made dairy free)
From Stephanie Alexander’s Cooks Companion

Olive oil
Cooked home made pasta lasagne sheets
2 quantities Bolognese sauce
Freshly grated parmesan cheese (omitted on the majority of the lasagne)

Bechamel sauce
600ml milk (I used soy)
60g butter (I used nutellex)
60g plain flour
White pepper
Freshly grated nutmeg 

To make béchamel sauce, heat the milk to scalding point and set aside. Melt the butter in another saucepan and stir in flour. Cook, stirring, until you have a smooth, golden paste (known as a roux). Gradually work in hot milk and stir until sauce thickens and is very smooth. Continue stirring until sauce boils. Cook for a further 10 minutes with a pan on a simmer mat over a gentle heat. Season to taste with salt, pepper and nutmeg. 

Preheat oven to 180C. Oil an oval or rectangular baking dish and line with pasta. Cover pasta with a third of the béchamel sauce, then cover this with a third of the Bolognese sauce. Add a second layer of pasta, another portion of béchamel and the Bolognese sauce and a third layer of pasta. Cover with the last of the béchamel sauce, the last of the Bolognese and the remaining pasta. Top with parmesan and drizzle with olive oil. Bake until bubbling and golden, about 45 minutes.


6 responses to “Cookbook challenge: Week 36 – Comfort food

  1. Mmm lasagne is great comfort food I agree! I wouldn’t mind if someone made some for me tonight! 😛

  2. EVERY single year for my husband’s birthday I make him lasagne on his request. I tell him he can have anything he wants – and it’s always lasagne! Well, at least it’s easy to make. :p

  3. Sorry to hear about Ben’s (? hope I got his name right!) mum. Hope the diagnosis is good – I’ve got my fingers crossed for her! 🙂

    Hope he had a great birthday anyway and good on you for making him so comfort food!

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