Cookbook challenge: Week 40 – Apple

I procrastinated far too long this week. I just wasn’t really into apples. Sure, I eat one nearly every day but cook with one? Why do that when I could do a million other things! I toyed around with the idea of pairing it in a main dish, seeing as we have been making far too much dessert lately, but the boy doesn’t eat pork. So I went straight to him and asked him what apple dish I should make. The source? the humble apple pie.

I must confess, in all my years of baking I have never made an apple pie, in fact, I am not the biggest pie maker (not counting quiche of course!) So I decided to give it a go, on the proviso that he helps me eat it. The boy is not known for loving desserts and well, as much as he loves to try a cupcake or two, he isnt great at helping me finish them!

For this pie I had to make my own pastry, something I really don’t like to do. I was SO close to just cheating and using shortcrust, but then I felt guilty and convinced myself to suck it up and make it properly. Thankfully, this seemed to be a pretty easy recipe for the pastry and it came together without any real issues – although if I were to make it again I would probably make a touch extra as it wasnt quite enough to cover my pie nicely. Hence why it is messy (it is totally not my inability to make things look nice…)

The apple filling was really nice – a good mixture between apple and sugar and cinnamon, although I did throw a bit more cinnamon in there as I can’t resist it!

Overall, it was a lovely pie. I wont lie, it isnt QUITE as good as something rich and chocolatey for me, but it brings up memories of cold winter’s nights and a Sarah Lee pie for dessert.

Apple pie
Via AWW How to Cook Everything

1 cup plain flour
½ cup self raising flour
¼ cup cornflour
¼ cup custard powder
1 tablespoon caster sugar
100g cold butter, chopped
1 egg, separated
1/3 cup cold water
1 tablespoon caster sugar, extra
Apple filling
10 medium apples (1kg)
½ cup water
¼ cup caster sugar
1 teaspoon grated lemon rind
¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon

  1. Process the flours, custard powder, sugar and butter until mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Add egg yolk and enough water to make ingredients just come together. Press dough into a ball, knead on floured surface until smooth; cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  2. Make filling, cool. Preheat oven to hot (220C/200C fan forced)
  3. Divide dough into two portions. Roll one portion between sheets of baking paper until large enough to line base and side of deep 25cm pie plate. Lift pastry onto pie plate. Spoon filling into pastry case, brush edges with egg white
  4. Roll remaining pastry until large enough to cover the filling. Press edges together, trim the edge. Brush pastry with egg white. Decorate with pastry scraps if desired, brush with a little more egg white. Sprinkle with extra sugar. Bake 20 minutes then reduce temperature to moderate (180C/160C fan forced) bake extra 25 minutes until pastry is browned.

Peel, quarter, core and slice apples. Combine apples in a large saucepan with the water, cover; simmer about 5 minutes or until apples are tender. Drain apples, discard liquid. Transfer apples to large bowl, stir in sugar, rind and cinnamon. Cool.


8 responses to “Cookbook challenge: Week 40 – Apple

  1. Wow! Your apple pie looks great. I am getting hungry just looking at it. The pastry looks so crips and lush!! LOL, I went through exactly the same thought process leading up to the “Apple Challenge” as you.

  2. I’m with ya – Rich and chocolaty always trumps fruity and flaky, though I never so no to either.

  3. That looks great! It’s funny, whenever I ask hubby what he wants for a birthday cake, it’s always apple pie !

  4. man I have so given up on the cookbook challenge… I REALLY need to get back into it, but keep getting distracted! MUST MAKE A NOTE to get back into it!

    I lurrrrve apple pie, and good work on making your own pastry!

  5. Good on you for making your own pastry! Looks like you got the filling to pastry ratio right too… well at least the way I like it (less filling, more pastry!)

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