The Sugar Junkies guide to chocolate cravings ??? allergy style

It has been a year since I was first diagnosed with a cows milk allergy. At first I was relieved – finally I had a reason why I always felt sick, why my stomach was so bloated, why I was in so much pain. Then the panic set in. My allergy was the highest level it could be, so even the slightest bit of dairy from now on was going to hurt.

It took from September right up until the new year for the dairy to work its way out of my system, but there was a time in those first few weeks of the new year (when quite frankly I was ready to give up and go back to eating what I felt like – stomach pain be damned!) that the pain suddenly stopped. That I felt healthy again and I stopped looking like a pregnant lady.

The hardest part for me has been finding a good solution for my sweet tooth. As the name suggests, I love my sugar. In particular, I love my chocolate. It is the thing I run to after a bad day and the one thing I crave.

So here is my guide to surviving chocolate cravings: allergy style.

Freedom Foods Chocolate Blitz Cookies:

These are like biting into really dry, icky cookies. They don’t have much flavour – good or bad, but the texture is really off. And for all its claims of being dairy free – it has a disclaimer that says that while THEY don’t put dairy into it, they do buy their dairy free chocolate from a source that may have contamination issues. Dairy free fail.

On the whole I would rate most of Freedom Foods products quite bad. Just because I can’t eat dairy, doesn’t mean I don’t like flavour.

Sweet William Dairy Free Chocolate:

This is quite a good chocolate alternative – it has the creaminess of real chocolate and the taste is spot on. It is surprisingly not my number one chocolate alternative but it is available at the supermarket, and the easiest option to find. I find though it doesn’t work as well in cooking as other brands.

LEDA Nutrition Choc Chip Cookies:

These are pretty much free of all allergens and you know what? They taste like a REAL cookie. They are crunchy, chocolatey and the only difference between that and the packets of cookies available in the biscuit aisle is that these have a little bit of coconut in them.

LEDA Nutrition Choculence:

I call these my fake tim tams. I am extremely mad at my local Woolworths because we are coming up to two weeks now with no fake tim tams in sight, and well that doesn’t make for a happy Sugar Junkie! Now, nothing compares to a real Tim Tam, but this is kind of like eating the Homebrand version. Chocolate wise it hits the spot, but I doubt you could do a Tim Tam Slam with these. They also have a mint slice version which is very nice.

Kinnerton luxury dark chocolate:

I rate this as my top choice for allergy free chocolates. This tastes like regular dark chocolate, although perhaps a touch harder when you bite into it. It cooks fantastically well. It is very rich and nobody can tell that it is not real chocolate.


Now, those who grew up Milo drinkers may hate the suggestion of AktaVite, but my Dad was big on this alternative and now I always make sure to have a can of this in our pantry as it is a great chocolate craving breaker. Also, I found the switch over to soy milk quite difficult (I used to love my milk!) and so having this to flavour the soy milk helped me get used to it. Milo is definitely not dairy free but NesQuik is, although they sometimes have warnings on their labels about cross contamination with milk.

My biggest advice for chocolate loving allergy sufferers is to avoid the healthchocolate options that nutritionists give you. They are powdery, gross and not at all a real substitute for chocolate. It tastes nothing like the real thing and there is no convincing yourself otherwise.

If anyone has any other chocolate suggestions for me, I would love to hear them!


10 responses to “The Sugar Junkies guide to chocolate cravings ??? allergy style

  1. Good to know what alternatives there are out there.
    I love the packaging of the Kinnerton luxury dark chocolate.

  2. I’m lactose intolerant, and am obsessed with chocolate (my blog somewhat indicates this 😉 ) Do you like dark chocolate? Because all good-quality dark chocolate *should* be completely dairy free. I find Lindt really annoying because their Excellence range has butter oil, but if you pop into good delis/health food stores/chocolate shops you should find all kinds of awesomeness 🙂

    • I do like dark chocolate! I have found it a bit of a struggle to find pure dairy free chocolate… because of the strength of my allergy I can’t even have traces remaining. most companies unfortunately do put a little bit in!

      I live out in the suburbs so even finding a good deli is somewhat of a hassle! But places like san churro have dairy free options and I am trying to get some answers our of a few more chocolatiers!

      You are right though – good chocolate shouldn’t actually have any milk in it, but it seems to be the case these days!

  3. I love the leda biscuits they are delicious, I agree about the sweet william chocolate and cooking, I used it in muffins a few months ago and it went really grainy and hard.

  4. I usually stick with dark Lindt as well. I agree that ‘fake’ chocolates just don’t cut it. I am allergic to lactose, so sometimes I pop a Lactese tablet- available at health food shops- that replaces some of the lactase enzymes so you can have quick hit of real dairy. It doesn’t allieviate all my symptoms, and especially not the major ones, but I can have some ice cream or cream if I feel daring!

    • Oohhh I would love to be able to eat icecream again!! Hopefully for Christmas I will be getting the kitchenaid ice cream maker attachment so I can figure out how to make a cookies and cream dairy free ice cream!

  5. It sounds like there are some really mixed results there! I hope they come out with some better alternatives for you 🙂

  6. I love the blogging community, isn’t it wonderful that all this help is at hand with the sharing of great advice. I’m glad your feeling well again & that you’ve found some pretty good substitutes to tide you over 🙂

  7. If you haven’t registered yet for the food blogger’s mad hatter picnic I hope you will soooooon!!

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