Review: Joy Cupcakes, Doncaster

A few weeks ago we were at Doncaster Shopping Town and walked past Joy Cupcakes when I noticed that they actually sold vegan cupcakes! Sadly they were out at the time, but I was so impressed that they actually offered them that I vowed to return.

Well, I returned on Saturday. After I spent a few hours spending far too much money on clothes, I went past and picked myself up a Black and White (Chocolate and Vanilla) cupcake and a lemon meringue one for the boy.

So after some Thai take away, and while watching the footy (snore!) we indulged on these cupcakes and boy oh boy, were they good!

They also have extremely cute packaging which held the cupcakes properly (not like some stores which shove them into a paper bag and wreck the icing.) Mine did get turned upside down though, but only because a kid bashed into me while I was walking back to my car!

So onto my Black and White cupcake. The chocolate base was seriously moist and had a good chocolate taste. I also really liked the icing, you could see the vanilla bean flecks and it was a very thick icing. My only comment would be that the icing sugar in it did not seem to have dissolved because it was a little grainy. But that said, still a very good cupcake.

I had wanted to get you an inside shot of this cupcake, but the boy wouldn’t stop eating it – so I guess that means it is good! This lemon meringue cupcake has a bit of lemon curd at the bottom of the cupcake and I believe was a vanilla cake, with a meringue frosting.

So in conclusion, very yummy cupcakes. Far better than the Crabapple Cupcakes of this world, and I will definately stop by again when I am next at Doncaster – I would love to try their red velvet vegan cupcake as well!

They have some great flavours I WISH I could try – baklava, sinnamon sugar, fig and marscapone, lavender honey, pavolva, rhubarb, salted caramel, toffee apple and zablione!


3 responses to “Review: Joy Cupcakes, Doncaster

  1. ah, I wondered if they were any good. It’s probably the first cupcake place I’ve walked passed and didn’t get anything! Alas, next time I shall!

    • Yeah… I have always been dissapointed with store cupcakes in the past. Crabapple is overrated and the cupcake bakery make some of the worst cupcakes ever (seriously, woolies make a better one!) I did like Little Cupcakes, but they don’t make vegan ones. I was genuinly surprised by these – but they were also baking them fresh (the oven is behind them on the counter) so I think that really helps.

  2. I know what you mean, a cupcake in a bag is just destined for disaster! Good to see that they’ve got cute boxes that work! 🙂

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