A visit to Cupcake Central

I have been following Sheryl’s Cupcake blog for a while now – and her facebook, and twitter… not stalking, promise! It is wonderful to see someone fulfil their dream – and a dream of baking cupcakes for a living is something I can totally relate to!

Not living anywhere near Hawthorn anymore, I was fortunate enough to have an “appointment” in the city (watching the sheep judging at the Show) and so on my way back home, I stopped in mid-week for a cupcake. 

The store front is really cute – it isn’t all typically pink and girly, but it is sophisticated and puts the cupcakes in the starring position – as they should be! 

I was extremely happy to see that Cupcake Central offers a Vegan Red Velvet as so few businesses (including dessert based ones!) offer options for those of us with allergies / diet choices. So I picked myself up a red chocolate and a salted caramel for the boy. 

Despite them being packed in paper bags, they survived the hour long journey home with no issues (and I wasn’t exactly gentle with them – I had a car full of work stuff!) and then the torture began – I had to wait HOURS until after dinner before I could test them out.

The cake part of the red velvet is DELICIOUS! I was never a big red velvet fan before (probably because I could eat any other flavour on offer) but this cake was moist and really full of flavour. The cocoa flavour is there, but not overpowering and I couldn’t help but think, “I would really like to keep eating this cake.” That said, I wasn’t the hugest fan of the icing. It was just a tad too sweet for me. It wasn’t really a vanilla flavour… it was a sweet flavour that I just couldn’t pick and I thought that it wasn’t anywhere near as good as the cake (and that is a great cake!) 

But Sheryl has told me that they are working on a vegan faux cream cheese frosting, which I think will definitely compliment the cake a bit more. 

The boy tucked into his salted caramel and well, he liked it but didn’t love it. That said, he isn’t the hugest fan of sweets and I think I picked the wrong cake for him. He had a lemon meringue cupcake the other day and so I didn’t want to get him the Citrus Lemon cake which I am sure he would have loved, and I thought that salted caramel might be up his alley. He liked the cake base, but just couldn’t wrap his head around caramel and salt together. He did say he liked it enough though to give it another go.

We will definitely be back (hopefully sooner rather than later!) and I am looking forward to trying more of her cupcakes! And a bonsoy latte…

Visit Cupcake Central for more info!


One response to “A visit to Cupcake Central

  1. Mmm now a vegan cream cheese frosting sounds like quite a challenge! I know so many who would love to bake cupcakes for a living! 🙂

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