Macarons: Still ugly.

Undeterred by my last ugly macaron incident, I was determined to try again. This time it went better, but they still aren’t pretty. I mixed the batter a little more this time. I think I was too delicate last time around. This also resulted in less air bubbles. I also left them for considerably longer – 1 1/2 to be exact! I don’t think this is advisable though. You can see I have some very wonky feet, which I think came from them not being able to push “upwards” because of the heavier top.

I was more careful with my piping, so I didn’t get nipple cookies this time. But they still weren’t that pretty.

Once I get myself a cooking thermometre I will be making the Italian meringue version… supposedly whilst a bit harder to make initially they are more reliable.

For the recipe, click on my last macaron post. To make them chocolatey, I subbed some cocoa powder in instead of icing sugar.


12 responses to “Macarons: Still ugly.

  1. My guess is there are a lot of people (erm… particularly gendered-people) who would argue that nipple macarons are the prettiest of the lot 😉

  2. These look like they would be delicious. I think you are being to hard on yourself, all your macaroons have looked yummy. I bet they didn’t last more than a few minutes. 🙂

  3. You have really inspired me to give macarons another go. I think this weekend is gonna be the time to try them!

  4. Bet they tasted great though.., keep going, we’re cheering you on 🙂

  5. Hey Sarah, macarons are super hard to make. Keep trying. I had many failed attempts and have stopped making them for a while now. Go over to the blog Syrup and Tang and there’s heaps of tips from Duncan, who’s perfected his macarons.

  6. Yeah a candy thermometer really helps. It’s so hard to judge the hard ball stage accurately without a thermometer. The Italian meringue method did seem more reliable for me, but a lot fiddlier though.

  7. LOL at nipple macarons! Now that is something that you could turn into a selling point no? 😛

  8. At least you’re trying! I still haven’t attempted them because I’m too scared of failure 😉

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