Life is crazy. I got promoted at work, which is all yay and what not. But to be honest, I haven’t even celebrated yet. I am taking over from somebody who is leaving to go to another job. She has been absolutely horrible to me since I first started. When I was promoted, they told her and she stormed out. Then she called in sick until her final day (2 more weeks of this crap).

She is a bully so the staff member working for her has been on leave with shingles. So I have taken over a new department, but I have no staff, and have had no training but the work goes on so I have just had to figure it out.

I have been working long long long hours, I have been stressing, and it has only been a week.

I hope next week settles down.. but one thing is clear, I dont have time to blog right now. I have a back log of posts but no time to write them up. But I will be back. ONE DAY. Lets just hope my staff get better and this evil bully dissapears quietly.

See ya soon.


6 responses to “hiatus…

  1. Well congratulations on the promotion anyway and hopefully it will all settle down for you soon.

  2. Well congratulations on the promotion!

    But how horrible for everything else. I hope things pick up for you and you can return to normal hours and baking bliss soon.

  3. I’m on the warpath over bullying in the workplace at the moment too…., way too much bullying going on…, I’ve been lying awake at night trying to figure out someway to overcome this problem….. its in epidemic proportions in my industry.
    Good luck with the extra workloads these crappy people load us up with, I share your pain SistA 🙂

    • Isnt it crazy how people think it is Ok to bully another person? Particularly when the person is 60 years old and should know better! I guess I am pretty lucky in that I dont take that kind of crap and the second she started with me I reported her. But I have inherited these staff members who are so scared – like someone is going to explode on them any second! I just have the belief that everyone gets what is coming to them eventually! I hope people in your industry start to ease up!

  4. Sorry to hear that it’s been so hectic and people have been so difficult! But congratulations on your promotion! 😀

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