Cafe Vue – Evolution of Alcohol. AKA – we just want to drink the cocktails.

I am not sure yet if I am back from my hiatus… I do miss blogging, but I barely have time to think at the moment, let alone bake something yummy and take photos and download them… and well, you get the idea.

However, I recently attended my good friend’s Hens Night at Cafe Vue’s cocktail night and promised I would write about it.

We attended the Evolution of Alcohol – Developing Distillation (Part 3) and at $75 per head, it was a great option for a group of girls.

Given it was so cold out, they very nicely put us in the private room for our event which meant we got to chat to each other in a nice, relaxed environment, although the table was so large it felt a bit comical trying to talk to people across from you.

First up to drink was the ‘Fractional freezing – applejack, sweet vermouth & bitters’

Once I got over the whisky taste to this, I actually quite enjoyed it. It went really well with the ‘Candied Apple’ dish they served:

This was essentially a pork and fennel meat ball covered in some kind of green goo. I wanted to like them a little more than I did… they were still very pink in the middle and the goo didn’t taste like much but had a bit of an off putting texture.

Next up was the  Pot still – Cachaça, kiwi fruit, tomato & chilli. For some reason I did not take a photo of this! I have no idea why not… BUT I really enjoyed this. It had just a hint of chilli and I could not taste the tomato at all. From what the other girls said, it went really well with the Tinned Tuna dish:

Served literally in a tin, the Tinned Tuna was a mixture of cooked and raw tuna served with a tomato and avocado salsa. I really really do not like tuna however, so a few bites of this was all I could handle.

Next up was the star of the night:

This was the Column still – Jameson whiskey, mint, lemon & ginger ale. This was really refreshing and went down particularly well with its matched dish:

Braised lamb shank, stone ground grits & pickled carrots
While I couldnt eat the grits, the lamb shank was so juicy and just fell off the bone! We all really enjoyed this and it made us all so full.

Next up was a Pine cone granita – a foam with pine nuts paired with the drink Carterhead still – Bombay Sapphire gin, Cointreau & lemon. Reviews were mixed on the granita… some thought it was just air and pine nuts, others liked the mixture of flavours combined with the cocktail.

The cocktail was actually quite a strong sour flavour that I was really not expecting, but once I got past the initial ‘wow’ I really enjoyed this.

Finally, we come to dessert! The crowning glory of any meal.

This was the Deconstructed Brownie – brownie pieces, brownie sorbet and I believe white chocolate on the top. While I couldn’t eat this, from all reports it was a pretty intense experience but very delicious.

I was given a deconstructed pavlova which was really delicious and not too filling after the meal. It had mango sorbet, meringue and fresh fruit as well as dehydrated strawberries.


Throughout the night we had been making jokes about Hester Blumenthal and his clear chocolate water… and yet, here we are. With what is technically called Vacuum distillation – Mozart Dry, chocolate & pecan, but really, was alcoholic clear chocolate water. Made from pure dark chocolate (AKA no dairy) this was almost like drinking franjelico… I liked it a lot but for the girls who had eaten brownie it was just a bit TOO much chocolate.

All up though it was a fantastic evening and I would totally go back again for another round. Alcohol wise, while you wouldn’t want to drive… nobody was rediculously drunk either which was good.


2 responses to “Cafe Vue – Evolution of Alcohol. AKA – we just want to drink the cocktails.

  1. Cocktails! That’s a lot of really yummy looking ones but I have to say that lamb! That takes the cake. I’ve heard so much about Cafe Vue. I really must find the time to go!

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