where you been, what you been cooking?

So I haven’t been blogging. We have established this. But what I have I been up to? Well late last year I was offered a promotion that was a huge step up for me. I was excited but very nervous, because it meant becoming part of the executive team where I work and managing staff for the first time. I am 28, so this is a huge show of faith by my employers and there has definately been an adjustment period.

I took on the job in probably the worst possible circumstances. The outgoing manager walked out. In the long run, it was for the best (because she was a cow.) But it coincided with my other staff member falling very ill from stress and needing a lot of time off.

I’m not going to lie. November and December was one of the worst few months of my life. I worked 12+ hour days and weekends. I had to learn to manage staff. I had to learn how to do a new job, whilst conducting my old one as well. I had to hire staff for the first time and I had to (unfortunately) stamp my authority as a manager because people sometimes love nothing more than to try to cut others down.

I had to do a presentation to 200+ people (my biggest fear!) and I had to completely change the way my staff were working to be more efficient.

It hasn’t been smooth. It hasn’t been fun. It certainly hasn’t been easy. But it will be very rewarding for me long-term. I am learning a lot and being so busy has led me to really evaluate what is important in life and what I want for the future.

There are exciting times ahead.

Throughout all of this I have not lost my passion for cooking. Sure there have been (more than I would care to admit!) nights where I just couldn’t face the kitchen through exhaustion. But I haven’t stopped thinking about what I want to make next, what challenges I want to conquer. And I have been cooking, baking, roasting, planning all along and photographing that journey.

But I decided that rather than ‘catch up’ on past cooking adventures, I would just present a big overall picture of some of the yummy things I have made.

There have been delicious chicken sausage rolls, copious amounts of homemade icecream, cupcakes, many failed macaron attempts, risottos, breads, delicious slices and the reintroduction of pork into our diets which left me with nasty chilli burns on my fingers. No seriously – it hurt so bad!

So this is me moving to the next stage of this blog’s life, whatever form that make take. I want this to be my happy space, where I can leave the negativity and stress of work behind and focus on what I love to do most: cook!


2 responses to “where you been, what you been cooking?

  1. Glad to have you back! And if you have to vent, vent away, blogs are good for that 🙂

  2. oh … i hit enter too early sometimes. Sorry to hear work got to that stage, but I know you will look back on it and be so proud of yourself. Who know where those new found skills will take you x

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