My 30 before 30 list

I’m not gonna lie people. Turning 30 scares me. THANKFULLY I have a full year to deal with this impending doom as I am only about to turn 29.

I’m not sure why 30 scares me. I think I had ideas that my life would be ‘sorted’ by then. That I would be a grown up, have my crap together and life would be good. But I think we all know life doesn’t work like that.

Life for me is good. I have a lovely partner, we own a house together, I am at the top of my career and there is travel in the future. So I have decided to celebrate my last year in my 20s by doing a 30 before 30 challenge. 30 things that I want to do before the big day, focussed on fun, wellbeing and experiences.

My 30 before 30 list

  1. Take a dancing class
  2. Run a 5k or walk a 10k
  3. Visit a city I have never been to before
  4. Learn to cook fresh pasta
  5. Read 15 new books
  6. Go vegetarian for a week (sorry Ben!)
  7. Plan a girls weekend
  8. Go rock climbing – and go right to the top
  9. Take a curling lesson
  10. Go to a museum
  11. Volunteer some time with a charity
  12. Eat at a fancy restaurant
  13. Start a veggie garden
  14. Bake ‘just because’ treats for work at least twice
  15. Organise the junk drawers at home
  16. See a financial planner
  17. Go see a musical
  18. Bet on a winning horse
  19. Bake homemade bread once a month
  20. Plan a surprise date for Benjamin
  21. Treat myself to a day spa experience
  22. Go wine tasting
  23. See a psychic or do reiki
  24. Join a professional organisation, or subscribe to a business magazine
  25. Host a dinner party for my family
  26. Donate blood
  27. Finish decorating at least one of the rooms!
  28. Finally complete the 1000 steps (without dying)
  29. Go out for a luscious duck dinner with friends
  30. Go to a roller derby, Whip It style

If anyone wants to help me out with the above, feel free to get in touch!

I’ll update you guys as I go along with any completed challenges and share the fun!


4 responses to “My 30 before 30 list

  1. As someone that plays roller derby, the bouts (games) are tons of fun. Find your local league and look up their schedule!!!!

  2. I LOVE the list! I can’t wait to read about your adventures!

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