Old Kingdom – AKA Duck Fest 2011

One of the items on my 30 by 30 list was to go for a duck feast with friends. For 5 years we have been talking about it and not getting around to doing it. Enough was enough. We wanted duck, and we were going to eat duck.

So on a cold Friday night we headed off for a belated birthday celebration to eat as much duck as we could handle. As we sat at the table we debated whether or not we had over ordered with 3 ducks between 6 people, but we shrugged it off and laughed in the face of any potential duck-induced coma. In fact, we were so arrogant we ordered some fried wontons and rice and greens for the table.

What amateurs! Wholly unneccesary.

It started off wonderfully with the peking duck. Crispy skinned, juicy, albeit a little oily.

Just as we were running out of duck and pancakes, a whole new duck appeared! Then another… In fact, we had so much duck that we needed more pancakes and even more sauce!

In fact, this was probably the only frustrating part of the night. We couldn’t get anyone’s attention to order more sauce and pancakes. Meanwhile we had lovely duck just sitting there going cold!

After the peking duck comes the duck stir fry with bean shoots. This is nice enough and the bean shoots are refreshing. But nothing to rave about.

Next came the soup. Oh the soup. We were all so full  by the time it appeared that half of us couldn’t even contemplate it. I personally did not like the soup as I found it really peppery and it had an odd taste. Ours was mostly left untouched.

We were all so full by the end of the evening and we felt like we wanted a shower from all the duck grease going on. But it was satisfying. Would I go back? Yes, but probably not for some time given that I still feel very full of duck!

It was actually a really well priced night, with the bill coming to just over $200 for all six of us. I recommend you go, but just for the peking duck!

Old Kingdom
197 Smith St
Fitzroy, 3065
Tel: 9417 2438


3 responses to “Old Kingdom – AKA Duck Fest 2011

  1. I’ve been here more times than I have fingers and toes and I agree it is a terrible mistake to order anything but the Peking duck! I’ve made that mistake with some very greased-up greens, pshh. SImon Lay (the former owner)’s new Peking duck place in Box Hill is actually even better and operates on the same formula so we now make long trips for our duck/stir-frys/soups!

  2. What a fun night! There’s no such thing as too much duck is there! 😀

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